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Fitness Tips for Seniors

Starting an exercise regimen, regardless of age, will always yield positive results. As a rule of thumb, exercise for seniors should be at least 150 minutes a week. Here are some handy tips on how older adults can get started with exercise:

  1. Get your doctor’s approval first.

Individuals with specific health conditions may require specialized care before starting any exercise regimen. As a result, ask your doctor if they have any recommended exercises that would fit your needs.

  1. Get the proper gear.

Invest in comfortable fitness clothes and shoes for your activity. Adults with foot conditions may benefit from getting the right orthopedic shoes for support and comfort.

  1. Start slow.

Many make the mistake of going fast and hard with their workout routine. However, older individuals need to slowly adjust their bodies to these activities to avoid possible injury. Start with warmup exercises before your workout and finish with cool-down exercises.

  1. Incorporate different exercises.

Add variety to your routine by including aerobic exercises like brisk walking or dance workouts. Aside from aerobic exercises, have some strength training to tone your muscles, like weight lifting at least two days a week.

In muscle exercise for elderly, the goal is not to build muscle but to keep it toned. Improve your balance and range of movement by adding balance and flexibility exercises. Don’t want to do it alone? Start a seniors-only workout group!

  1. Create fitness goals.

Exercising for health is a great start, but that’s a long-term goal. To encourage yourself to work every day, including short-term goals. To do this, write down what you want to do for the day. Some examples are:

  • I will walk for thirty minutes today at the park.
  • I will climb up and down the stairs at home tomorrow.
  • I’m going to walk my dog around the neighborhood the day after.

Exercise is one example of how elderly can stay active. When done well, it can promote physical and psychological health and benefits. Ask your doctor before adding any new exercise or weights to your routine.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.