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Earbuds vs. Earphones: Which Should I Get?

Earphones and earbuds are considered modern-day essentials because several gadgets are readily connected. Suppose we want to listen to music, a podcast, or even a video. In that case, connecting your earbuds and forgetting about the world for a while is always a great idea.

However, did you know there are key differences between earphones and earbuds? While many use them interchangeably, the two types differ in style, use, and durability. Here are just some of the few:

What are the key differences?

Physical-wise, the most significant difference between earphones and earbuds is that earphones (also known as in-ear headphones) are inserted into the ear canal, while earbuds rest on the opening outside the ear canal. While this difference may seem minor, users tend to choose one over the other, whether it’s due to comfort, durability, accessibility, and style.

Earbuds: Some Pros and Cons

Earbuds are usually made of plastic and are designed for many users and ear types. The bud’s surface is flat and much easier to clean because of it. However, these can be uncomfortable for some because they can slip out relatively quickly, especially during exercise.

Another disadvantage of earbuds is that they have a low bass, thus affecting the quality of the audio. If you love your music and want crisp sounds when on the go, most generic earbuds are rarely up for the task. However, many makers have stepped up their game through wireless earbuds, making it less distracting when outside.

However, they also have their advantages. Since earbuds rest on the outside of the ear canal, allowing more ambient noise, thus making users more mindful of their surroundings. Suppose you’re running off a few errands in town; well, putting on earbuds certainly will keep you aware of traffic and other noises within the area!

Earphones: Pros and Cons

On the other hand, earphones are customized to fit into your ear canal, so you don’t have to worry about them frequently slipping out. Many of them come with silicone tips that rest comfortably inside the ear canal. These silicone tips create optimal noise isolation, thus ensuring better quality sound at a lower volume. Another perk is that most mainstream earphone makers sell different sizes of silicone tips, making it easier for you to customize your earphones.

However, they also offer some disadvantages. One is that said tips require more cleaning than earbuds because the silicone tips rest inside the ear canal, making them more susceptible to dirt and grime. Another disadvantage is the higher risk of hearing loss due to potentially unsafe listening habits.

If you would like to reduce the risk for the latter, avoid wearing earphones for long periods and keep your volume low.

So, which one should I get?

The good news is that both options are readily available in the market, making them convenient for various users. Depending on your budget, they come in multiple colors, sizes, styles, and price ranges.

However, to pick the best one, you must first examine your needs. If you like something on the go but prefer to be aware of your surroundings, then earbuds are the best choice. Additionally, if you want more flexibility, consider getting a pair of wireless earbuds. However, the latter may be pricier depending on the maker and style. You also have to keep charging your devices.

Alternatively, if you like your music to be crisp and cancel out background noise, then earphones are great. They also come with wireless options, which are also pricier, like the wireless earbuds.

If price isn’t a problem, consider buying a pair from a reputable maker. Please read the reviews and tips before purchasing to ensure they last longer.