Tips for Thought

Depression is a clinical condition that can affect your home and work life. When it comes to finding a job, it may be more difficult for a person with depression, especially if they’re in a highly stressful environment.

The unfortunate truth is that work is stressful. Some tasks require more focus and effort, while others require a strict timeline. A typical work environment also involves working with others with different traits and values that may blend well or clash with yours.

With these factors in mind, it’s no wonder people with depression find it hard to stick to a job. While many companies have made great strides in promoting mental health and wellness, there are times when they must make decisions that benefit most of the employees instead of a select few. There is also the stigma that comes when people find out that their colleague or employee has depression, which can hinder the person’s career growth and leave them feeling even more alienated.

So, how do we solve this?

Fortunately, we live in a relatively modern era. With the introduction of work-at-home jobs and flexible work schedules, people with certain conditions can still work while benefitting from these unique arrangements.

If you happen to be someone with depression or know someone with that condition, here are some worthwhile jobs to consider:

1. Computer Programmer

Many companies rely on digital means to market their business, so the demand for programmers is always high. In some places, they may require their programmers to work in a “hybrid” setting, i.e., they work at home but may need to go into the office on certain days. However, other companies may specify that they need in-house programmers 24/7, so it depends on the company’s specifications.

While programming may not be physically demanding, it can be taxing, especially when there are various languages you must learn. However, the job does make a lot of money. If you wish to have a more flexible schedule, you can slowly work to become a freelance computer programmer. Remember, however, that there are deadlines you must meet. If you like coding and are great with computers, consider this job option.

2. Librarian

For some introverts, becoming a librarian is a dream come true. Reading is one of the most common ways to relax. People are encouraged to stay quiet in libraries, so you don’t need to make awkward conversation.

Additionally, being a librarian can have various options for people who want to do so much more. For instance, if you like history, you can work in the archives section, where you may help students and researchers with materials and questions. On the other hand, if you like working with children, you may work with reading sessions and school events while enabling the love of reading for future generations.

3. Writer

Unsurprisingly, many well-known authors have issues with depression and anxiety. Nevertheless, they still produce some meaningful works that people can enjoy worldwide for years to come.

Suppose you’re not much of a novelist. In that case, you may write essays and compositions on a freelancing website. You can cultivate your online portfolio on these sites as you garner a stream of regular clients. Another perk of being a writer? You can take your work anywhere, provided you have a laptop and a stable internet connection.

4. Small Business Owner

If you like being your own boss and managing your work from the ground up, you may have the traits to be a small business owner.

The great thing about becoming a business owner nowadays is that we have the internet to market our products and services. If you like making crafts, you can sell your products on sites like Redbubble  and Etsy. You can also learn to make your website to expand your online presence, even if you use any of those sites. Once your business grows, consider hiring more people to help you keep the ball rolling. Starting a business can be risky, but it’s also worth the effort if you want it.

5. Farmer

Farming is one of the oldest jobs in civilization. Without farmers, society cannot progress, and food sources become scarce and difficult. If you like working outdoors, growing crops, and caring for farm animals, then you may find the life of a farmer to be your calling. While farming is a physically-taxing job, it is also rewarding, especially if you’re providing food for the population.

Takeaway: Depression is a condition that may require special needs like medication and psychotherapy. While many depressed people have struggled with work, many have also had fulfilling and thriving careers.

While finding the right job for you may be challenging, it helps to remember that being hesitant is all part of the process, so long as you don’t give up.