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Avoid Saying These Things to a Grieving Person

Losing someone can be a traumatic experience. When a person loses someone, they often face overwhelming emotions that can be painful. When this happens, they require patience, comfort, and understanding. However, there are some statements you shouldn’t say to a grieving person. Here are some examples:

  1. “You’ll pull through. Just be strong.”

While this statement may seem optimistic, it can come across as insensitive. When a person says, ‘Just be strong,’ it comes across as dismissive and implies that being depressed is “weak.” Instead of giving unsolicited advice, offer to listen without judgment or pressure.

  1. “I’m sure they are in a better place right now.”

If the person is not religious, it may be insensitive to bring about religion. Additionally, they might feel you are preaching to them instead of listening to them. This effect could result in them distancing themselves from you because they think they are being judged and forced to believe.

Instead, consider offering a listening ear and assure them that you are there for them to talk about anything. Check on your loved ones often to let them know you care and are thinking of them.

  1. “I know exactly how you feel.”

Taking a person’s painful experience and reverting it to you makes you seem disrespectful and self-centered. While it may seem empathetic at first, it’s essential to keep the focus on the grieving person instead—that way; you offer a more welcoming space for conversation. You can also try to help them cheer up by offering happy memories with said loved ones to honor and keep their memory alive.

Grief can be overwhelming and extremely painful. If you know a person experiencing grief and feel they benefit from an expert, consider referring them to a grief counselor with their permission. These professionals offer effective coping strategies to help them through the grief process with guidance and care. Good luck!


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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.