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3 Secrets to Make Fuel Last in the Tank

It is no secret: all of us have been suffering through a significant spike in the prices of gas and all the everyday commodities that are part of our lives. But do not fret! Some changes CAN help to reduce gas consumption in your car – little secrets that can make your vehicle go for extra miles and to make a full gas tank last longer. Oil supplies are still short, but these tips can save you a pretty penny even when the shortage is brought back to normal levels.

Reduce drag

A lighter car that’s not carrying much more than it should be consumes less fuel than an SUV packed to the brim with goods. That is a fact because the car needs to use less force to move if it’s lighter. Try to carry just what’s necessary in the trunk or cargo compartments – you will see little difference at first, but it will make a sizable difference in the long run. Having your tires in good condition also helps the car move with less effort, so it’s a fair investment for years.

Plan your route in advance

Driving can be an enjoyable activity for most people, so losing track of how far and where you’ve gone is easy. Plan your trips ahead of time in a way that you can pass by several spots you need to visit or do various activities you need to do in one day. When you leave it to the spur of the moment, you drive much more since you have to take your car out of the garage, drive to your destination, find a parking spot, and go back home. If you plan a route yourself to do the most you can in one trip, then there are sizable gas savings in the short term.

Burn fuel only when you need it

This one may sound strange because you may think you always need to burn fuel when driving, but that is not the case when you’re stopped at the lights or waiting for someone to get in the car. If your vehicle doesn’t need to be chugging the black gold, don’t let it!

These three tips can be the beginning of a healthier relationship with your wallet regarding fuel. The trick is not to stop driving entirely or get a bicycle, even though that also works! If you learn how to deal with fuel prices smartly, you can have a standard routine, driving whenever and wherever you want.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.