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3 Secrets to Make Fuel Last in the Tank

Any economics-naked eye now perceives shrink flation. Unfortunately, that is far from being an illusion or conspiracy theory. Many websites and forums have been dedicated to bringing this truth to light. Finding how to survive inflation without lowering your quality of life is a goal for many of us.

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve separated some tips from our research that can help you with this seemingly impossible task. You will notice that we often have a solution much closer to us than we think – it’s just not taken into consideration under normal circumstances.

Let famous brands go – choose cheaper items

Try to replace expensive branded products with more generic ones whenever possible. The same goods from cheaper brands can substitute some everyday items like peanut butter. Even when made by cheaper or unknown brands, some items have almost no difference (if any!) in quality compared to the expensive brands you’re used to.

Participate in group purchasing

Groupon, Brad’s Deals, and are some websites that offer you the chance to buy goods together with other people, which makes the price cheaper for everyone. Some of them even have cashback programs. So you either save some much-needed pennies or get back some of the money you spent.

Avoid on-demand means of transport

You can go on foot or ride a bike to that store a few blocks from your place instead of taking the car out and spending gas or asking for an uber or a cab. Think that, in addition to saving, you’ll be improving your health with some good exercise, helping to reduce your carbon footprint, and caring for the environment in the process. Who would think that learning how to cope with inflation could have such a vast positive impact?

While just these three tips are not enough to work as the savior of your finances, they are guaranteed to at least give you a little breather until everything starts to get better.

So buckle up, make the changes you can allow yourself to make, and wait for the turbulence to pass. Fingers crossed – you can do this!

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

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